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Provincial Labour Office Nongbualamphu

Organization Structure

  • Mr Amnaj Choengvai

    Mr Amnaj Choengvai

    Chief of Nongbualamphu Provincial Labour Office
    • Miss Metta Udomkham

      Miss Metta Udomkham

      Labour Specialist, Professional Level
      • Miss Chotika Jantana

        Miss Chotika Jantana

        Analvitcal Officer
        • Mrs Patcharakorn Yuthamanop

          Mrs Patcharakorn Yuthamanop

          General Service officer Level 4
          • Mr Coochai Saopha

            Mr Coochai Saopha

            Car Driver Level 2
        • Miss Saifon Baolorpet

          Miss Saifon Baolorpet

          Finance and Accounting Office, Professional Level
          • Mr Sombut Samuksaman

            Mr Sombut Samuksaman

            Labour Specialist, Professional Level